Hosted Phone
  • Carrier-grade reliability and scalability
  • Single system for unfied communications
  • Centralized management
  • Relocation and growth protection

Our Hosted PBS solution is provided via our state-of-the-art data network with complete Quality of Service (QoS) management, assuring toll-grade voice quality and performance.

We focus on the details of your individual needs, such as training your end-users after each installation. All our services can be billed on a single invoice and followed up by superior customer care.

We own and operate the entire network to provide you with superior performance, service, and support. Features include call control, private voice networking, and unified messaging.

With centralized management, administrators can make modifications, additions, and changesd via an intuitive and secure web-based portal.

We use the inherent capabilities of IP networking to allow businesses to relocate or grow with a minimum amount of work.

Bottom line: our hosted PBX capabilities streamline deployment and installation, and reduce communications overhead for your business.